Shenzhen Zhanzhichuang Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in USB, SD speakers, MP3 and MP3 Bluetooth hands-free; Car-mounted tape player; Mini speaker; IPOD, IPHONE speaker, transmitter, wire-controlled radio; Bluetooth rearview mirror, project development company. The company has strong R&D capabilities, and can timely grasp and use the market frontier mature programs. With unique innovative ability. The company will maintain close technical cooperation with customers. More innovative digital products are introduced.

Zhang Zhichuang will uphold the spirit of "thinking innovation, cooperation and win-win" and provide you with the most specialized products and services.

Service purpose: Spread the wings of wisdom and create with heart.

Business philosophy: customer demand-oriented, quality and credibility to survive.

Management philosophy: Personality determines the product, thinking is equal to the way out.

Marketing concept

Co-existence: common interests, common goals, common progress and retreat
Sharing: Resources Sharing, Joy Sharing, Sharing
Co-prosperity: Go hand in hand, share benefits and create brilliance
service idea
Careful service as the criterion, advanced technology as the means, meticulous work as the method to ensure that customers are 100% satisfied with the products and services.
The Idea of Honesty and Credit
Honesty means honesty, no deception and sincerity.
Credit means keeping promises and keeping promises. If you say yes, you can do it. If you trust others, you should stick to it even if you encounter setbacks and pay a price.
Integrity is a responsibility, criterion and resource

Team concept

Without team success, there will be no personal success.
Mutual trust, honest communication, personal integration into the team, with a common vision as the highest goal.
It is the responsibility and obligation of every member of our team to help every member of our team improve. Respect the value created by employees, evaluate the employees by their contributions, and establish a value distribution system of enterprises based on benefit sharing and with key incentives as the core.
Enterprise Continuous Learning
Kingman must become a learning company. Continuous learning is always a spur to the company and its employees.
Actively learn, draw lessons from and introduce best practices already carried out or under way by world-class enterprises to improve and optimize our management and operation systems.
Be clear-headed, never complacent, and keep an open mind.

Consumer orientation

Design products and provide services from the consumer's point of view, and avoid doing what seems to be what consumers like.
Through scientific and rigorous market research, we can fully study the needs of consumers. All work should start from the real needs of consumers.
In the daily work of the company, we should adhere to the principle of internal customer orientation.
Enterprise Purpose, Mission, Value, Code of Conduct and Vision

Enterprise Purpose

Innovation in mobile technology, achieve a wonderful life.

Enterprise Mission

Make a national brand and contribute to China's mobile industry.
Provide high quality products and services to consumers.
To employees, create a harmonious and respectful working atmosphere, and create a platform to realize self-worth.
To provide a fair, reasonable, reciprocal and mutually beneficial cooperation platform for business partners;

Corporate Values

Customer-oriented, company-oriented, product-proud and quality-oriented
Care for employees, pursuit of excellence, focus on performance, clear rewards and punishments
Honesty, Careful Work, Unity, Efficiency, Passion and Innovation
Creating Brand, Scientific Management, Risk Control and Continuous Improvement
Corporate Code of Conduct
Belief organization, conscientious, capable of winning battles, courageous to undertake, cultivate subordinates, do not engage in sectarianism
Corporation Vision
In the field of mobile communications, relying on dribs and drabs, persistent and arduous pursuit;
In different countries, let people of different nationalities enjoy the wonderful life brought by Jinman Mobile.
In the creation of a new human communication mode, we are at the forefront of the global communication field, providing the best quality and products that meet the needs of customers, providing the best technology and services, and becoming a healthier and longer-term world-class enterprise.

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