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AP8ap048A or AP8064A Program Function Description:
Development of a 12V/24V locomotive radio motherboard FM with Bluetooth TF/USB/SD/MP3 player
Introduction of the main control chip resources:
1. Support MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC format audio file decoding;
2. Supporting USB, SD/MMC card, TF card playback; Supporting FAT32 file system;
3. Keyboard support: previous/volume, next/volume+, playback/pause, EQ, single, MODE;
4. Support USB, SD card, TF card, MMC card playback; support FAT16/FAT32 file system;
5. Remote control function; support infrared remote control, 18,21 key models optional;
6. EQ function, EQ has six forms: Class (classical), JAZZ (jazz), Rock (rock), Bass (bass), POP (popular), Normal (normal);
7. High and low tones and left-right balance
8. AUX external input function, AUX volume can be controlled by main control IC.

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